Commercial Window Film

Explore the Many Benefits Window Film Has to Offer

Solar control window film offers many benefits for building owners and occupants, including:

Uniform Appearance

  • enhancing a buildings architecture and aesthetics

Excellent Optical Clarity

  • providing an unobstructed view to the outside without distortion

Heat Reduction

  • increase comfort by moderating temperatures
  • increases HVAC efficiency
  • reduced energy cost
  • more comfortable for occupants

Glare Reduction

  • less eye strain at computers
  • increased productivity of workers
  • up to 80% glare reduction

99.9% UVA and UVB Protection

  • reduces interior fading
  • block 99% UVA and UVB rays
  • preserve artwork
  • protect fabrics and furnishings
  • protect occupants from photo aging and cancers of the skin

Productivity & Comfort

  • increases comfort by moderating temperature
  • enhance privacy and safett

Window film is the perfect complement to any residential or architectural glass

Commercial Solar Control Window Film

Explore the Many Benefits Window Film Has to Offer

Vista™ solar control window film offers many benefits for building owners and occupants, including:

Energy Efficiency

Just like insulation for your building, solar control window film offers thermal insulation for your windows. Control how much light and heat enters your building and reduce utility costs.
Fast Return on Investment

Vista solar window film offers one of the fastest payback periods of popular energy-savings upgrades such as lighting, window and HVAC replacement. Typical ROI is often 3 years or less.

Comfort & Productivity

Increase comfort without paying for tinted glass for your building. Vista solar control window film is a fraction of the cost of tinted glass and offers many benefits including increased employee comfort and productivity.
UV Protection

Solar control window film helps block dangerous UV rays from entering your building. Help protect your interior furnishings fading and your occupants from skin cancer.

Safety & Security

Vista security window films will help control and lessen the danger and damage caused by broken glass in new construction and retrofit projects.

Decorative Window Film

Bring a space to life with decorative window film - a fraction of the cost of etched glass and available in a variety of shades, patterns and textures

Benefits Of Commercial Window Film

Frost Window Film

Benefits Of Window Film For Architects and Designers

Your creativity knows no bounds. So we’ll give you a toolbox of LLumar window films to work with. Create private interior work environments using frosts, patterns and textures. Control light coming into a building for a more productive work environment.

Keeping your current tenants happy and attracting new ones involves many factors, not the least of which is controlling the sun streaming through the windows of your building — causing excessive heat build-up and glare – and many tenant complaints. LLumar commercial window film can help create a more pleasant work environment. By controlling the sun, LLumar window film reduces heat build-up, cuts distracting glare and can help lower your energy costs — keeping everyone happy.

World-class, high-performance glazing solution

As one of the world’s leading brands of architectural window film, LLumar has been enhancing iconic, well-known buildings around the world for decades —with proven results. From Buckingham Palace to the Vatican to Chrysler World Headquarters, LLumar consistently exceeds the expectation of the most discerning customers.

With LLumar, you get the tools to raise the style, performance and safety of buildings to new levels. Whether your clients are looking to improve occupant comfort, lower energy costs, enhance privacy, protect against graffiti or help deter thefts or terrorist attacks, LLumar is the choice of more architects and designers around the world and for good reasons:

  • Rapid return on investment
  • Earn up to 9 LEED points helping to design sustainable projects
  • Reduce tenant complaints and increase tenant comfort
  • Provides a more uniform appearance of a building
  • Green product that eliminates materials (frame and glass) going to landfills and by upgrading glass rather than replacing it
  • Guaranteed to last with up to a 10-year commercial warranty