Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I use to wash the tinted windows?

A: Use Windex, Glass Plus or soap & water with a rubber squeegee, soft cotton cloth or paper towels.  Avoid using anything abrasive.

Q: How long will the Window Film or Vista Window Film last?

A: Residential Window Films carry a lifetime warrantee against any type of cracking peeling, discoloring, blistering, or delamination as well as defects in workmanship.

Q: Will the film make my windows or room look dark?

A: No, most films including Vista Window Film can hardly be detected.

Q: Will the film reduce my heating and cooling costs?

A: Yes, in the winter the film and Vista Window Film helps to insulate the glass and keep heat in, reducing heating costs.  In the summer, the film controls the solar heat gain thus reducing your cooling costs.

Q: We have dual pane windows. Can they be tinted?

A: Dual pane windows are very common in homes these days. Dual pane or thermal pane have two pieces about 1/2" apart with gas sealed in-between. The answer is yes! Your windows can be tinted but certain guidelines need to be followed, because dual panes are more vulnerable to stress than single pane windows.